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Reiki Energy Healing, Tarot Readings & Akashic Records Readings - Connect with Cinthia to learn more about her offerings.

Purify your space with reverence, mindfulness, and a commitment to sustainability.


Absolutely amazing. She was very realistic and understanding. It was my first time and she was thorough with everything she discussed. Would highly recommend her for sure !!


Cinthia is a kind honest soul. I really felt the reading applied towards the steps I need to take and to continue what I'm doing to better myself. It felt like confirmation I'm on the right path vs always needing reassurance about the future. Definitely recommend.


Loved it! Cinthia was amazing in every aspect possible, the angel reading was clear and specific to me, everything seemed to flow in the order it should. The reiki session left me feeling calm, light and invigorating in body and soul. Highly recommend this.