The Angel of the Waters statue in Central Park looks down towards the people that are no doubt passing by below. Beneath, water springs from her feet.

Do Angels really exist??

We've all heard of those miraculous stories whereby people have walked away unscathed from a terrible accident, some citing they had a vision of an Angel or heard a voice telling them they would be allright. But how do we know they actually exist? Angels and Archangels are traced in almost all religions, you must note however, that there is a difference between the two. Angels are believed to have visited people and given them warnings and comfort. They sometimes take on human form. Archangels on the other hand, are not known to influence individuals, they are protectors of mankind and help find solutions, they have never been human. One of my favorite Archangels to work with is Michael. There have been entire books dedicated to his magical help and support. Archangel Michael has a sword to cut through any resistance, and with his sword he will gladly remove any problem in your path if you call upon him. He is great with electrical issues as well! I have called upon him when I had car engine failure and he amazingly started my car so I could get out of a snow storm and arrive home safely. I call upon Raphael before I perform any Reiki sessions, this Archangel is dedicated to healing, he will supply the energy needed to overcome any challenges in your life. and you can ask him to alleviate physical or emotional pain. Archangels are here to support us, they are great beings of unconditional love, but we must ASK for their assistance - they do not intervene or suppress our free will (only if your life is in danger before your time). If you feel drawn to Angels, one great book I recommend is the Encyclopedia of Angels, read through it then work with those that resonate with you. They can absolutely make a profound, positive change in your life!