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121) Abundance & Prosperity 6-Piece Sage Smudge Kit

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Use this kit to manifest blessings of abundance and prosperity. The included manifestation candle takes your purposeful intentions and blasts them across the Universe.


  • Aromatic Soy Candle with herbal blend
  • Aventurine Bracelet
  • White Sage Wand 4"
  • Citrine Crystals
  • Instructions, Blessing and sample ritual if you wish to speed up manifesting MONEY or Abundance
  • SMUDGING: White Sage is one of the best ways to clear negative energy as well as creating a protective barrier against harmful energy.
  • CITRINE is known as the abundance & prosperity stone, it aids in success, intuition, creativity, wealth and good luck/fortune. Place in your wallet
  • Lovingly created using all natural items from Canada in pretty recycled gift box, with BONUS zen charm