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115) Canadian FIR & SAGE Smudge Stick, with Palo Santo Stick & Hand-Rolled Incense, Amethyst Pendant, Smudge Cleansing Kit

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7" Canadian FIR & SAGE Smudge Stick, with Palo Santo Stick, Palo Santo Hand-Rolled Incense & Amethyst Pendant, Smudge Cleansing Kit, Used to purify, Cleanse, Blessing & Protection

  • Each 7" long Sage & Fir wand is wrapped in 100% cotton string and is considered a sacred herb used for centuries in smudging ceremonies. This kit includes: One 7" Sage & Fir Wand, One 4" Palo Santo stick, One 8" Palo Santo Incense stick & One Amethyst Crystal Pendant in sturdy gift box
  • FIR has the property to reduce pain, prevent infections, improve respiratory function, & detoxify the body. PALO SANTO,  holy wood is harvested under government supervision by the natives of the Peruvian jungle. No trees are destroyed in the collection of the wood, only twigs and branches on the ground are collected.
  • This smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, wild crafted in a sustainable way. Palo Santo provides energetic protection, & removes bad energies. purification, and to ward off bad energy/spirits & misfortune
  • AMETHYST has the ability to attract positive energies & provide peace of mind. Amethyst can be helpful in calming emotions & encouraging clear thinking
  • All products have been made by nature so sizes, shapes and colors will vary. Lovingly made with care by Chi Wellness