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112) Sage Smudging Mist with organic oils, New Moon Energy & Reiki charged- 2 oz Sage Spray by Chi Wellness

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  • When you sense the energies around you are heavy, negative or unpleasant, this Sage room spray is the perfect smokeless way to cleanse & smudge your space & yourself. Its a great aura smudge and chakra cleanse. Each bottle is charged with New Moon energy for an extra boost of protection and renewal
  • Burning Sage is an ancient practice and is still used to remove negative energies, purify your space and cleanse. Using this mist is just as effective as burning sage without the smoke!
  • Aromatic mist that can be used anywhere and anytime you feel the need to cleanse or purify your space or yourself
  • Vegan. Paraben free. Alcohol-free. Contains: organic essential oils of Sage, Bergamot, Frankincense,  Lemon and Witch Hazel in distilled water.
  • Hand blended with Love and Care in a sacred, cleansed space. Reusable, recycled glass bottle and the crystals inside the bottle are yours to use as you like!
  • Infused with Quartz Crystal energy for cleansing and Black Tourmaline crystal energy for protection.