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Abalone Shell for Smudging, Incense Holder

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These lovely Abalone Shells are used during smudging to hold smouldering sage leaves. They are also used to catch the embers or to extinguish the incense stick by adding a bit of sand to the bottom.  

These are a beautiful gift from Mother Nature and can be used as decor when not in use.

To smudge with sage, hold the stick at a 45 degree angle,  light the end of your sage smudge stick with a candle and allow to burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame and allow to smoulder. Waft the smoke using your hand or a feather to all corners of every room. Use a blessing, prayer or intention while smudging. Finally, gently tap the end of your smudge stick in the abalone shell to put out the flame. Clean your smudge bowl as often as needed, and be sure to be careful not to crack the delicate shell. 

⭐️When burning sage always remember to set your intentions and never leave unattended

3" shells and 4" shells come with free golden feather.