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125) Akashic Records Readings

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The Akashic Records hold the memory of the Universe, it receives the vibrational imprint of everything that has ever happened, every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual event.  It contains an imprint of all that is....

Is an Akashic Record reading for me?

If you are open and willing to make changes in your life, then an Akashic Record reading is for you. If you are ready to move forward and be open to infomraiton presented and ready to accept and make important changes in your life...then you will have a wonderful experience with an Akashic reading!

Does this reading have to be done in person?

No, the reading works the same over the telephone as in person. The reason the readings can be done over the telephone is that I'm not reading you, I am reading the energy of your Records.

How do you access my Record?

I have received training and have been given a sacred prayer that allows me to open your Record with your permission. 

Is my future predetermined?

No, you always have choice, which is part of the beauty of being here on earth. We are here to learn through the choices we make, as humans we will always have free will.

What kind of questions can I get answered?

You can ask about choices you are facing, the direction of your life, relationships, career, health, finances, etc. You may also ask the Record Keepers what they would like to talk to you about today or bring to your attention to learn right now. this is an open ended question and usually brings surprises and awakenings with it.  You can ask how events in your past lives are still affecting you today, Not for the faint of heart. but the insights are incredible!