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116) Sage Smudge Kit for Beginnners in Gift Box by Chi Wellness

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This beginners kit is a great entry for someone who is new to the world of smudging. 

Smudge anytime you are feeling off, going through challenging times or generally feel surrounded by negativity,  Smudge especially after a sickness; an argument; after guests leave; when you come back from work or a party; when you are in a bad mood; when you've been around someone toxic; after purchasing anything second hand and when moving into a new home to clear the energy of the past residents. Or gift to a friend experiencing a breakup, divorce or recuperating from surgery. 

Sage smoke carries our Prayers and intentions as it purifies our inner and outer environments. These Sage smudge sticks are 100% natural and sustainable.

Kit includes 3.5" Sage wand, 3.4" Abalone shell, 4" Palo Santo stick, Selenite Crystal, 5ml Travel size Sage Mist atomizer, Easy to follow instructions and Blessing/Intention incl.

⭐️When burning sage always remember to set your intentions, use the shell to catch embers and use the feather to direct the smoke to all corners of every room.